Blanca Beyar

Deliberately live your life in conscious awareness
Blanca Beyar
Work Life
  • Professional Challenge

    My greatest professional challenge was having the courage to create a platform for spirituality 20 years ago when it was still obscure and tabooed.
  • Advice

    Believe in yourself and in the inner voice that is always driving you to be the best version of yourself.
    Be dedicated to your purpose and your goals no matter how hard it may get.
    Remember to love yourself unconditionally and see the beauty and miracle of you.
  • Platform Goal

    Create connections
  • Personal Story

    I truly believe that the challenges in life are meant to mold and ultimately give us the opportunity to showcase our inner spiritual strength. My greatest calling and mission in life is to offer a platform of inspiration through my own example of perseverance and triumph.
  • Personal Challenge

    My biggest challenge in life was being violated at the age of 12 and having a child at the age of 13. Learning how to become a mother at such a tender age was incredibly difficult. Gaining momentum to not lose myself, to have a voice and purpose was the driving force behind by survival.
  • Legacy

    We can transform obstacles into opportunities for growth.