Cara O'Donnell

The next best thing to fruits and vegetables!
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  • Description

    Juice Plus+ products are made from more than 30 fruits, vegetables and grains. Juice Plus+ products are whole food-based products that support a healthy diet by offering a much wider variety of naturally occurring vitamins, along with antioxidants and phytonutrients found in fruits and vegetables. Every Juice Plus+ product is made from quality ingredients grown farm fresh, providing the natural nutrients your body needs.
  • Mission

    My goal is for children and families to be as healthy as possible from whole food nutrition.
  • Platform Goal

    Client and business prospects
  • Personal Story

    Two years ago I struggled with working full time, caring for my two children, husband, and finding time to take care of myself. My younger daughter was always sick, which meant I had to take off from work, take her to numerous doctors, which created tons of stress for me! A nurse introduced me to Juice Plus+ after she heard me talking about my daughter's chronic sinus issues. At first I was skeptical, but I decided I would have my family give it a try. Although I thought I was eating a good amount of fruits and vegetables I was definitely not eating the 7-13 daily recommended servings (I was lucky if I could even get my daughters to have 1 serving of fruits and vegetables a day). I also was not eating a variety of fruits and vegetables. I was thrilled to find out that Juice Plus+ also came in a gummy version knowing that my kids would most likely not give me a hard time. The four of us began eating Juice Plus+ over two years ago and have not looked back since. We are all healthy and rarely go to the doctor for sick visits, we crave more fruits and vegetables, and have more energy!
  • Advice

    Plan in advance for as much as you can.
    Make time for you!
    Do your best to eat healthy, drink water, and get enough sleep (these tips go a long way)!
  • Legacy

    I'm a mom on a mission! I am determined to help other moms learn about healthy eating and living!