Chantale Niczko

Influencer & Brand Ambassador
Chantale Niczko
Work Life
  • Description

    It’s an online platform where the Swedish culture and Swedish company tries to connect, grow, get more established in the U.S. market. We are strongly integrated with SACC - Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce as well as the Swedish consulate. The organization integrates the Swedish people, the Swedish culture as well as business with the US market. We think it is important to keep your roots and social events maintained when you leave Sweden and come to the US.
  • Mission

    My mission is to spread the core beauty of all things. I'm also an Influencer & a Brand Ambassador. I bring the life out of the products I represent. I am a firm believer in all things beautiful, harmonious with my environment. Everything is colorful, meaningful, and elegant in my world. I love life and the people that surround me!
  • Platform Goal

    New connections, inspiration and would love to learn from other women on this platform.