Freshmes, Inc

Master the Juggle
Elisara Soberal
Work Life
  • Description

    We all know, the juggle can be more challenging than the hustle. Freshmes is The Women’s Platform helping all humankind master the juggle between work and life. The platform allows members to create their brand, connect with one another, promote their business, and make money all in one place! So what are you waiting for? Join Freshmes today!
  • Mission

    We want to give women their time back, so they can do what they love with those they love.
  • Services

    Freshmes is an all-in-one platform that helps members easily build their digital brand and grow their social influence. Includes: • Branding • Marketing • Social Media • Networking • Websites • Events
  • Our Vision

    We want to be The Women's Platform that brings together all of the women's organizations, groups, blogs, businesses, influencers and anything else into one unified platform that consolidates their voice and extends their access to accomplish more together.
  • Personal Story

    When life beats you up, you have to fight with all you got to keep going.
  • Personal Challenge

    The toughest personal challenge has been overcoming infirmity while trying to keep my kids unworried.
  • Professional Challenge

    I've had to overcome cancer in the midst of launching a new business.
  • Word of Advice

    Be grateful in all circumstances
  • My Legacy

    A life lived to the fullest