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Let’s aim for longevity with food
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Lesilli Haneiph
Work Life
  • Professional Challenge

    I work in a field consumed by majority males, proving myself has been my biggest challenge, I started off very young in a career consumed with an older generation, all of them, who now own and operate their own brands. Moving up-the-ladder is not about how talented you are, or how experienced you are, its about who you know and who knows you. I would say my greatest challenge has been network exposure, landing on one of the food network programs. I’m still yet to overcome the challenges that face me.
  • Advice

    Supportive Partner
    Dependable Childcare
  • Platform Goal

    Network/New Clients
  • Personal Story

    Hello I am Chef Lesilli Haneiph, I’ve been cooking since I was 8 years old, professionally I’ve been cooking now for over 24 years. I enjoy what I do, I love making my clients happy through food, by satisfying palettes with amazing flavors. I hope to one day own my own restaurant, where I can showcase my talent in my own way, I would also like to get into food production, creating my own line of food products. I wouldn’t mine taking on investors, I’ve been shopping around now for 2 years for investments, but no luck yet. It has not been all “peaches & cream”, some days is harder than others, but I’m passionate about my career and loving what I do makes it worth while.
  • Personal Challenge

    Juggling work and family has been one of my most difficult personal challenges, due the long hours being a Chef demands, something it’s difficult to take on jobs because of the inconvenience of being a parent
  • Legacy

    Brand Management