H &H Financial Services

Financial and healthy lifestyle goes hand in hand
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  • Description

    We help with financial education and pre approved loan for personal and business as well as tenant screening for people who are in homeless programs. We help them prepare for permanent housing or first time home buyers.
  • Mission

    Help rebuild their lives
  • Services

    Customers not allowing you to finished their files and I was sent to court. How I came out of it. A close friend was jealous of me helping others and felt that she was not given the same treatment she started bad mouthing my business and when I went to court the case turned in my favor. You just have to be careful who you pick as a friend.
  • Advice


    -Stay healthy and stress-free

    -Do what you love
  • Platform Goal

    To help people rebuild their lives again when they have been through some financial stress.
  • Personal Story

    I was a single mother working in the healthcare business struggling because I didn’t love my job. So I start connecting with CEOs another business owners and start picking a brain so I could know how to start my own business. I have a roommate that use my personal information and create it financial distress. I didn’t know how to get myself out of it and I became ill trying to figure it out. Then once I found out what was going on I was arrested for a crime I did not commit. It took me four months to get out of the situation only to find out my roommate had to use my personal information and committed a crime in another state. By then my credit was destroyed and I couldn’t move forward not even getting an apartment in my name. After I was cleared I had to start digging myself out of a hole as far as repairing my credit and my livelihood.. After climbing out of the hole for four years I now know how to help others . I have now been helping a list for 15 years and I became a certified credit consulting. So now I am assisting the homeless get in them at a program into permanent housing I help people who get first time buyer housing and Carlos and just getting the credit repair so that way they can provide jobs for their family
  • Personal Challenge

    I had to get myself out of this whole that was holding me back. So I learned on my own how to repair my credit and when I got back on my feet and cleared my name I now help others