Nadine Waitkins

Exploring NYC's best art, and having fun while doing it.
Work Life
  • Description

    An Art Walk that provides a wide array of different genres of art, including fine and contemporary art, street art, design. As well as visiting some fun pop ups and immersive experiences. Every tour will be slightly different, but the one thing they will all have in common is seeing as much amazing art as possible in under 3 hours! And don’t worry about coming alone! I am more than happy to take photos for everyone.
  • Mission

    The art industry has a history of being exclusive to the upper echelon of society. I want to provide people with an affordable and FUN tour, while seeing some of the best art NYC has to offer.
  • Services

    My biggest professional challenge has been narrowing down what part of the art industry I want to work in. Many of my peers already have secured jobs and internships at top notch galleries, and auction houses. I am still figuring out the best way to incorporate my passion for events, into a truly meaningful job. My first step towards that has been hosting my art tour.
  • Advices

    No matter how busy your professional life gets, always create time for your personal life. Whether it be a few hours at the end of every day, or a Saturday afternoon, keeping the natural balance of both is key.

    For anyone with anxiety about work OR life, keep a yearly planner and make lists for everything. Lists relieve that nagging voice in the back of your head reminding you about all the things you need to get done this week.

    Try to look at problems as opportunities, with multiple solutions or out comes. Attack a problem by narrowing down different solutions, even if you don't end up with the best out come, at least it was a leaning experience.
  • Platform Goal

    To expand the platform for my Airbnb tour, while making meaningful connections.
  • Personal Story

    Four years ago I started my undergraduate degree at SUNY Albany, as a criminal justice major. Long story short, I knew working in the criminal justice field was not for me, and neither was living in Albany. My minor was in art history, and I decided to intern at an art gallery where I spent days learning the in's and out's of the gallery business, as well as helping out with events. My true love for events and interacting with people grew from this experience. I decided to complete my undergraduate degree a year early, so I could peruse a career in the art industry. I now have one semester left as an art business student at Sotheby's Institute of Art. Along the way I have learned that the art world has not always been very welcoming to all races, and classes of society. My mission is to be a part of what moves the art industry towards the right direction. As a 22 year old, who is months away from completing my masters degree, my first step towards my mission is to continue to grow my Airbnb tours. I want make sure everyone has access to the worlds best art, while feeling comfortable and having fun in the process. My Airbnb art walk is just the first step in the right direction.
  • Personal Challenge

    The biggest personal challenge I have faced is entering an art business program with a bachelors degree in criminal justice, while being surrounded by students who have a history of education in art history. At times I have doubted myself because I didn't know as much as my peers, and felt discouraged when struggling to grasp a concept everyone else already understood. How I overcame this insecurity was accepting the fact my peers are older, and with their age has come more experiences. This has given me the motivation to work even harder towards my goals.
  • Legacy

    I want to make a lasting impact on the art world, and open it up to people who would have otherwise thought art was inaccessible.