Phyllis Arena Woods

New York Stock Exchange floor broker
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Work Life
  • Description

    Ferretti Group, Inc. is and independent broker-dealer on the trading floor of the New York Stock Exchange.
  • Mission

    Keeping up with industry changes and staying a step ahead.
  • Services

    Embrace change! No one of us like it but we cannot fight it. Uncertainties are inevitable but you will look back on them and find you have grown positively.

    Always look for ways to reinvent yourself. Try something new and maybe a little bit scary. You will be surprise at what you can accomplish.

    Smile and talk to everyone. And especially listen! No matter who they are or what they do, you can learn something from everyone.
  • Personal Story

    I am currently the most accomplished woman floor broker at the New York Stock Exchange. From the first day I walked onto the Trading Floor, I knew I had found my passion. My 28 years of experience had me entering the industry just after the crash of ‘87, into the bull market of the 1990's, the .com bubble, decimalization, the events of September 11th, the overhaul of financial regulations, several mergers of the NYSE, automation, high frequency trading, and fragmentation, to the challenges of navigating the current U.S. market. I hold a total of 12 trading licenses. I am involved in a variety of charitable activities serving on the committees of Save the Children and the Hecksher Museum of Art.
  • Personal Challenge

    Single motherhood! Powering through everyday and being there for them.
  • Legacy

    That my inspiration can be felt even when I am not in the room. It stays behind as a feeling I have instilled in someone else that influences them positively.