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Where culture is created.
Work Life
  • Description

    Deep in the South Bronx, where the first melting pot was set ablaze by the birth of Hip-Hop, resides the Compound, a creative space where art, music, fashion, and sports are fused, inspiring an atmosphere of innovation tucked away in bunker type building. The space serves as an adult playground for work, curated events, and meetings of the minds; where various artistic people come together to sharpen each-other and give life to imagination. Described by Nylon magazine “as an arcade of cultured art”, The Compound has taken a life of it’s own in recent years. An industry secret has now made its way to the pages of Huffington Post and Billboard Magazine as a destination spot with daily requests for invite and location reveal.
  • Mission

    Compound Agency, is not your average agency. Comprised of a collective group of creative and disruptive minds, Compound produces bold and fresh visual concepts and implements break-through marketing ideas for a variety of companies. Compound's key asset is connecting and helping brands reach their target market effectively. Specializing with clients in the fashion, music, arts, and sports industry, we use visual communication to influence, entertain, inform and enlighten observing audiences of products, ideas, and messages. Our relationships with celebrities, brands, athletes and influential personalities continue to be a vital part of Compound's success as a brand marketer.
  • Services


    Consulting • ​​Strategic Partnerships • Strategic Media Relations • Campaign Development


    Creative Consultation • Creative/Content Development • ​Visual Identity/Branding

    Production (Video/Photo)


    Product Launches • Special Event • Pop-Ups + Trade Activations • Product Collaborations (SMU's)​


    Product Seeding • Campaign Integration • Social Media Activation • Brand Ambassadors

  • Advice

    I'm still trying to master this but having a balance between work and home. Making the time to spend with your significant other. Taking breaks and not feeling guilty. I'm a workaholic and I love what I do. If it was up to me I would work 24 hours, 7 days a week. But we all know that's not smart and balance is key for your health and sanity.

    I find writing out a to do list or action list at the start of each day helps me to be organized and effective. I'm still old school I like to have a pad, list everything out and mark it off with a red pen as I accomplish my tasks throughout the day.

    Taking time to take care of yourself. Took me a long time to get here. I always neglected or didn't have time to get pampered. It's ok to take a day off go get a massage, medi/pedi, treat yourself to an awesome meal (I'm such a foodie) and a glass of wine (I'm such a and be ok with it, the world wont stop, your business will not crumble everything will be right there when you return.
  • Sage Marie's Coffee & Tea | Co-Owner

    Sage Marie’s Coffee and Tea has been years in the making. We’re not just brand but we prioritize to give our customers an unforgettable experience through our coffee and tea. Over the years, Sage Marie has developed a line of premium coffee, espressos, and teas and currently utilizing those exquisite ingredients to create a beauty line. Our brand identity is one that’s steeped in refinement, luxury and a customized experience for our clientele. Sage Marie offers each client to customize their coffee drink exactly to their taste, from selecting their own coffee bean, and type of roast. There is nothing quite like freshly roasted coffee. Taste is everything.

    Please check out our Sage Marie's Page on Freshmes! And visit our site to learn more.

  • Mili Mila | Co-Founder

    First-ever Cape Verdean Creole to English Dictionary! Mili Mila captivates the essence of being everywhere while preserving Cabo Verde’s vibrant and innovative culture through books, lifestyle, and the arts. Our sole mission is to provide a way for everyone, universally, to learn about Cabo Verde’s culture. Goncalves has a great story to tell about the creation and importance of the dictionary including the importance of uniting the different dialects of the country’s language. The Cape Verdean Creole to English Dictionary is the first installment of a series of works in celebration of the Cape Verdean culture.

  • Platform Goal

    Mentorship, Resources, Knowledge
  • Personal Story

    Liza Goncalves – Creative & Marketing Director
    I’m a creative spirit, a dedicated artist, with an enthusiastic approach to life. I wake up and fall asleep with my labtop, I spend hours researching trends, finding inspiration, creating mood boards and filtering through thousands of color swatches.

    I truly know what it takes to be a business owner and the sacrifices, dedication and passion it takes to successfully run your own business. It hasn't been a job for me; it's been my life. I love making things visually appealing. I appreciate the creative process and art behind everything.

    Photography, design, fashion and styling, are only a few of the many areas I am passionate in. I combine these passions with my love of traveling, culture, art and music to help with my creative sensibilities on every project I take on.

    Over the years, I have created and operated many different successful businesses. From opening my own boutique in Philadelphia, specializing in designer denim featured in The New York Times Style issue as one of the top seven stores in Philadelphia—To creating a vintage-inspired, eco friendly clothing line for woman. By securing a Merchandising License Agreement with The All American Girls Professional Baseball League, which was featured in the 1992 film “A League of Their Own,” starring Madonna and Tom Hanks, the collection was successfully placed on celebrities like Sarah Jessica Parker, Alicia Keyes and Jennifer Lopez.

    My key asset is helping brands effectively reach their target market. Specializing with clients in the fashion, music, arts and sports industry, my ability has landed fortune 500 companies. My relationships with celebrities, brands, athletes and influential personalities continue to be a vital part of my success as a brand marketer. Most importantly have a love and vision for what I do. I like to think my creativity is contagious, and would like to pass it on at any given opportunity.

    Currently I’m a brand and marketing specialist/part owner, running the Compound Creative Agency and now an Art Gallery out of New York City. Partner/Creative Director for Sage Marie’s Coffee & Tea Company, specializing in premium hand roasted coffee, tea and beauty line. As well as Partner/Creative Director behind Mili Mila a publishing company, releasing the first of it’s kind Cape Verdean Creole Dictionary.
  • Personal Challenge

    I have been through a lot of traumatic events in my life, from my ex boyfriend trying to kill me, through abuse and countless other adversity. But I have always been a survivor, a fighter and a rebel. I would never allow my self to be a victim or allow these circumstance to identify me or become my crutch. The reason I was able to accomplish everything I have done thus far is by putting God first, my strong work ethic my parents instilled and me and my faith in anything you dream can be accomplished if you believe, work hard and go after it. Most important of all, it does not matter how many times you fall or fail, tomorrow is another day, a clean slate to start all over again.
  • Legacy

    I want to help educate inform and share my culture with the rest of the world. I come from a beautiful island off the west coast of Africa, Cape Verde. Through my publishing company we have produced the first ever dictionary, we are currently working on children's books as well as a cookbook to introduce the rest of the world to our delicious cuisine. Through my coffee company I have been able to source beans from the island my parents are from Fogo, Cape Verde and we have created our own blend that we offer on our website and at various pop up we participate in like the Concordia Summit that just past. I graduated from Drexel University with a degree in film and video production and one of my life goals is to produce a film about one of our leader Amilcar Cabral who led the revolution to help us gain independence from Portuguese rule who unfortunately was assassinated before we gain our independence. That would be the legacy I would like to leave behind and to my children, my culture, my passion, my spirit and my infectious creative energy and drive.