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Mattie Finch
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  • Description

    Who we are:

    Sage Marie’s Coffee and Tea has been years in the making. We’re not just brand but we prioritize to give our customers an unforgettable experience through our coffee and tea. Over the years, Sage Marie has developed a line of premium coffee, espressos, and teas and currently utilizing those every exquisite ingredients to create a beauty line.

    We hold our own roasting facility, we take great pride in committing to the tradition of coffee-making. We choose every bean, blending only the finest beans and teas from socially responsible farmers around the world. We constantly sample interesting coffees from towers and importers to find the perfect bean we are proud to feature. Specializing in hand roasting in small-batch to accentuate their inherent flavor profiles and characteristics resulting in rich flavor.
  • Mission

    Our mission is to provide a quality product along with the best experience. Whether catching up with an old friend or making new ones, relaxing on your own or in the arms of a loved one, Sage Marie’s Coffee & Tea will help you drink in those moments in style.
  • Services

    * Fresh Roasted Coffee

    * Organic Herbal Tea

    * Beauty Line

    * Savior Faire Society is an exclusive membership club offer to our loyal customers.

    * Booking service: Sage Marie’s coffee bar experience

    * Savoir Faire Favors: Gift your guest with a delightful and purposeful flavor ( sealed coffee grounds or loose tea) they can enjoy later.
  • Platform Goal

    Looking to connect with new people whom are passionate about being a part of a creative team environment where we can gain experience from one another and possibly share information with that will help bring out the best in others.
  • Personal Story

    My name is Mattie Finch and I am the creator and founder of Sage Marie’s Coffee and Tea. I have over 15 years of experience in the fields of entertainment, business administration, event planning, sales and marketing. Growing up in Boston Ma, hailing from musical family and dreaming about having a career in music upon graduating high school I attended NSU. I studied music education and dreamed of becoming singer. After school I acquired a record deal and began working on my EP and performing throughout the city of Boston and abroad. During one of my visits to Jamaica, I visited the Blue Mountain coffee estate where I became intrigued by the coffee industry and purchased a few pounds of coffee for my mother.

    My mom was avid coffee drinker so when ever I traveled I would bring her back coffee from different parts of the world. When I returned to the states, I shipped the coffee off to my mom. When she called to thank me she said something that began my coffee and tea journey. She said "Wouldn't it be nice if we could just travel the world, buy coffee beans and roast coffee for a living." That stuck with me and I realized that I could do just that. Hence the journey of "Sage Marie's Coffee and Tea" begins. Before I even thought of roasting my first batch of beans I started the arduous task of researching every thing there is to know about the coffee and tea industry. After 5 years of research and becoming an avid coffee and tea drinker, this time allowed me to learn the business first hand. I studied the art of hand roasting as well as researching types of coffee beans and teas from all over the world.
    When I shared my aspirations to have a coffee business a lot of people thought I was nuts and that I should just stick to singing. They were not very supportive of my idea at all. I believed different and decided to move forward on my own.

    On a trip with my childhood friend Liza Goncalves Richardson, I decided to test out my roasting skills. After one sip of my blend Liza was blown away and was totally on board. We decided partner and we have successfully built our brand and customer base via Sage Marie’s online shop. Liza and I continue expand Sage Marie's inventory and we have created an exclusive all natural coffee beauty line of products called "Invigorate" which includes a whipped shea body butter, a all natural lavender body wash, coffee soaps and a coffee body scrub.
  • Personal Challenge

    Our biggest challenge in the beginning was trying trying to turn our passion into revenue. We had to find our niche market. Coffee and tea have been around for ages but what could we do that would set us apart from everyone else. We we did was created a boutique brand that was unique and signature for Sage Marie's. We are creating a new culture that blends together coffee, tea and beauty.
  • Advice

    - Never bite of more than you can chew. In the begging you tend to think REALLY BIG and you want to move faster than you should. Remember slow and steady wins the race and Rome was not built in one day, these catch phrases might be cliche but they ring true.
    - Be a solution, fill a need. Before you get started ask yourself "What need and I going to fulfill? A lot of people dream of becoming entrepreneurs, but they never figure it out because they don't ask themselves this question first. Fulfill a need and your customer base will follow.
    - Listen to what others have to say friends, family, experts, even yourself. When it comes to things that have to do with your entrepreneurial goals, be a sponge. As you learn, start to work out the idea in your head. Write things down. Keep notes from all the resources you come across to develop a detailed plan.
  • Legacy

    Wisdom to the future generations. By sharing my God given gifts and talents with others I hope inspire the next generation to go after their dreams.