Witnes Documentary Films, Inc.

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Work Life
  • Description

    We produce documentary & non-fiction storytelling, journalism, educational media and advocacy.
  • Mission

    We love to tell stories and report information that needs to be told.
  • Services

    Making an indie feature doc was pretty challenging. I'd never had to raise money for a project before and films are expensive. Many times I wanted to give up but I'm just too stubborn. Ultimately what worked was persistence + bartering + crowdfunding + help and support from my community.
  • Advice

    Don't expect a perfect solution.

    Dig in with others, it helps to remember you're not alone.

    Sometime you have to prioritize life with total guilt free abandon.
  • Platform Goal

    I want to monetize my work.
  • Personal Story

    I've always loved stories and knew I wanted to be a storyteller. I worked my way up in television, Production Assistant, Associate Producer, Video Tech, Office Manager of a production company, finally Producer and Editor, later Writer and Director. I prioritized my work and I loved it and I still do.

    I really struggled when I became a mom. My hours were not family friendly. The two things I loved best in life were not so compatible! Ultimately, I had some great opportunities...I made as much time for my kids as possible...

    In 2011, I started my own company. I love the independence of choosing my projects. The life/work struggle continues tho! Keeping it all in balance is a work in progress.

  • Legacy

    I want people to say, "Lise went after the untold stories and her work helped people."