Women Supporting Women Florida

Women Supporting Women Florida "We Are Stronger Together"
Carroll-Lynn Willgren
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    Women Supporting Women FL, is a Movement, a group of leaders that have been recognized for "Leading By Example" in "Life and Community" throughout the "State of Florida" "Making a Difference" leaving their Legacy! #WomenSupportingWomenFL. These are women who Support and Celebrate other "Women's" Milestones and Successes. These are extraordinary women who recognize that "We are stronger Together" instead of being in competition against one another!
  • Mission

    "Women Supporting Women Florida" Supports Women's Projects, Businesses and Recognizes thier Personal Growth. Providing women ongoing support to keep thier dreams and passions alive..so they feel the constant support to continue to "Thrive". We are a Hub of "Self Established" Women, A Movement, a "Tribe" of Women who collaborate and support each others "Dreams values and Goals". Building our Legacy one "Women" at a time.
  • Platform Goal

    An opportunity to meet and connect with women who genuinely support other women a want to help them thrive in life and business.
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